Special Rubberisation of Technical Rollers

It is remarkable to see the developments that have taken place in the technical sector. At present, we are able to fulfil virtually all requirements regarding hardness sensitivity, shape and compound. According to the customer’s specifications we supply rubberized rollers, on request with complete steel core. The roller cover qualities from PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS permit many variants so that customer can produce their product economically. Grinding, coating, squeezing, moistening, lacquering, lamination, pattern print- our rubberisation meets the requirements.


We manufacture highest quality printing rollers in a wide range of materials and hardness needed for today's OFFSET, WEB OFFSET, LETTERPRESS, GRAVURE and FLEXO GRAPHIC printing presses.


    The smooth finishes and precise diameters of PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS rollers are very special rubber blend rollers, provide excellent performance on Web-offset newspaper presses as
    well as Sheet fed and web fed commercial offset presses. PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS durable compounds provide excellent high-speed performance, even at speeds above 50,000 impressions per hour. They are available in hardness from 20° to 55° shore A hardness.


    PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS offers a variety of popular coverings for letterpress operations. Whether your application is a commercial letterpress or newspaper printing operation PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS has the range of rubber formulations and hardness you require. We also provide Nitrile and Neoprene rubber roller compounds, specifically formulated blends of rubber for Flex-o-graphic printing applications. They are formulated to be chemically compatible with your solvents like toluene and butanol in order to provide long roller performance.


    PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS rubber rollers are well matched to the hardness and performance requirements of the gravure industry. We have developed a special rubber compound which is a blend of rubber with excellent elasticity, very good solvent resistance like toluene and Butanol with heat transfer and heat resistance for the Gravure industry as well for the TIN printing Industry.