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PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS Manufacturing technology and service have been major factors in PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS success and growth in the past. Each step of PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS manufacturing process is designed and controlled for maximum roller quality. It starts with careful removal of the old covering by a special method that takes off the old roller covering without damaging the original metal core.

The core is shot or sand blasted to obtain an absolutely clean metallic surface of the shaft for best bonding of the new rubber. Required rubber formulation is mixed in the mixing mill and kept aside, then spindle is applied with Imported bonding agent such as primary and secondary bonding agents / solutions, the prepared cores are built with mixed rubber in the ITALIAN ROLL COVERING machine to required diameter and cured at temperature and pressure in steam chambers Autoclave. Next day after removing from the chambers rolls are cooled down to room temperature and grinded in High-speed grinding machines to precision and smooth nonporous finish surface. Finished rollers are routinely checked against order specifications to the customer’s requirements and packed in Paper cover and over it is covered with    bubble sheet packing material for full safety of the rubber surface during transit.


* Rubber Rollers for Industries such Paper Ind., Plywood Ind., Plastics Ind., Textile Dyeing & Printing Ind.,          Paper & Tin/Metal Printing Ind., Flexo and Gravuer Printing Ind., Garments Ind., Electronics Printed circuit board Ind., for Steel Rolling Mills, Tanneries Ind., Confectionery and Tea.

* Ebonite Rollers in Natural Rubber & Nitrile Rubber.

* Colored or white Rubber rollers as per customer's requirement.

* Rubber, molded products.

* Rubber to metal bonded products.






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