Manufactures of Highest Quality Industrial Rubber Rollers such as PRINTING, TEXTILE, PLYWOOD, PAPER, PLASTIC, GARMENT Industry rollers using latest technology of FLAT BUILDING TECHNIQUE from ITALIAN ROLL COVERING machinery using wide range of materials like NATURAL Rubber, NITRILE Rubber, NEOPRENE Rubber, SPR, EPDM, HYPALON, VAMAC and SILICON Rubber in wide range of hardness needed for today's Industry .

 The Capacity of Refurbishment of Rubber rollers from 100 mm to 620 mm in diameter and lengths up to 4000 mm including spindle lengths end to end.  

Our parent company Estd. since 1970 M/S SACHBAR RUBBER PRODUCTS manufactures High Quality Industrial Moulded Rubber Products for Automobiles, Aerospace, Earth Moving Equipment, Electronics & all other Industrial Rubber Products.

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We manufacture and specialize in * Nitrile Rollers * Natural Rubber Rollers * Neoprene Rollers * SBR * HYPLON * Draw Rollers * Expander Rollers * EPDM Rollers * Grooved Rollers * Silicone Rollers * Micro Rock Rollers * .

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