Our company is a Small Scale Industry established in the year 1986 which is a dream child of late Mr.B.R.Rangaiah for his unflagging enthusiasm in up-building of the Tool Room in the world renowned Hindustan Aircraft Ltd. His yeoman service in this country's defence industry during the period of World War II impelled him to establish as an independent entrepreneur.He found the mechanical engineering unit under the name and style of: M/s. Sri. Ranganatha Wood Turning and Mechanical Works, in the year as far back as 1944. When our country was in its infancy in the mechanical engineering field, he had ventured to cater the demand of the mechanical machinery spare parts to the textiles mills such as the famous M/s, Bangalore Woolen, Cotton and Silks Mills Ltd., (BINNY`S); to defence department, to automobile industry and to local textiles machinery manufacturing units.

    The foundation of PRINT-O-TEX ROLLS is to provide our customers a high quality standard Rubber Rollers. We define values as product & services that meet our customer’s specification and application by employing advanced Elastomer technology.

    We also take pride in our work when our efforts are guided by values of quality, performance, Innovation and the search for improvement. of ideas and practices.